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{2011 ed.} Author Amy Mascott (TeachMama.com) explains how to succeed with a niche blog and how to make your blog the go-to blog for its topic.

This Blogalicious Guide includes: tips for beginning a blog (smart branding, wise personal/ professional associations, and continuity), establishing a name for yourself (validity, reliability, trust, and integrity), growing readership (interacting with readers, connecting with others online and offline, guest posting), and reaching out beyond the blog (other print and online media appearances, business and company contacts).

Finally, included are examples of successful niche blogs in a wide range of topics. Ms. Mascott defines niche blogs and provides a wide range of examples. She effectively distinguishes between a personal niche blog and a resource niche blog and explains the pros and cons of both. This guide covers ways of determining which niche blog is right for each person and how to decide what niche is a better bet for blogging.