• Image of Running a Blog As a Business

{2011 ed.} This Blogalicious Guide will discuss how you can make your dream of a blogging business come to fruition. Author Shannon K. Nash explains the key differences between a business and a hobby, and also what the IRS looks at to make this determination. She also expands on business setup and steps you can take to setting up your blogging business. Ms. Nash also includes some forms that you may need to establish and run your business.

Operating a business can become a tricky task and may require prior knowledge in business and accounting; Shannon has included "operations 101", "bookkeeping for beginners", and helpful online sites. As a CPA, she shows you some simple tax deductions to use on your next tax return (for your new blogging business) and how to avoid those dreadful audits.

This guide is the beginning to what may become an illustrious career for the few dedicated, determined, and business-minded bloggers.